The Confessions of a Cynic

God gave me the gifts of uncommon levels of self-awareness and discernment. I truly belive that the two go hand and hand. Being very sure and comfortable with who I am has made me observant and as a result I see people for who they are.  Whoever first said that the eyes are the window […]

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What Fatherhood Means To Me

Father’s Day is on Sunday. I’ve been beyond busy writing this book and dealing with life that I haven’t posted much here. I shared a rough draft of one of the essays yesterday. You should read it because I wrote it. So with Father’s Day coming up Sunday I know I’m not getting what I […]

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Finally Purging

I haven’t written much on here within the last week.  I used to write six days a week.  The first half of 2014 has been me coming to grips with a lot of things over the lest few years and finally beginning to deal.  I have been tired, in desperate need of a vacation, more money, […]

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