A Product of the Recession

It’s 5:33am and I’m on the Long Island Railroad headed to a new day job. I have been putting off writing about this for six months. I was let go from my high paying job a little over a month into being hired. I was at my desk and was asked to come into the […]

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The Homework Struggle

April 28 will mark one year since Cydney started preschool.  My first post on this blog was titled “I Wasn’t Ready,” in which I lamented about my then eighteen month old daughter starting daycare that ended with me saying “That first day is going to be a bitch.” (Looking back at that first post made […]

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In Her Father’s Footsteps

It’s no secret that music is everything to me. There is always a song in my head and I talk about it all day. As much as I infer or refer to music in some sense it isn’t very long before an editor says something to me along the lines of “I know you’re a […]

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