This is a remake of Salsoul Orchestra’s 1977 disco hit. I remember being in the car the first time I heard this. My mother got excited and instantly liked it because she remembered the original. My mother was a member of Columbia House-where you ordered CD’s in the mail-and she played it repeatedly for about […]

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How I Became A Writer

“You haven’t dedicated your life to writing,” my once significant other once said to me.  We were having a conversation via text message at a time in which she was trying to figure out her next career move.  She loved to write and didn’t have the time.  I don’t remember what I said to provoke […]

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The Summer of 1997

The summer of 1997 is when I fell in love with hip hop.  I liked it before then.  My father and his friends have told me stories of me being a toddler coming into his studio, getting onto the mic, and pretending to be one in the late ’80’s.  I had my favorite songs that I would […]

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