You Know You’re Old When…

People often associate vulnerability with one being able to talk openly about aspects of their life that gives context to their past. That’s not the case for me. For the most part, that makes perfect sense. Getting to a level of comfort in which one shows a side of themselves that most-if any at all […]

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Snowed In

  I had heard of a looming winter storm that was all but certain was going to his the east coast a little over a week ago.  I have seen these overly dramatized reports in which one over prepares and what is supposed to be a blizzard turns out to be just an inch of […]

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My 500th Post (Numbers on the Boards)

  “Men lie.  Women Lie.  Numbers are calculated and manipulated to support men and women’s points.” Chad Milner The truth of the matter is that people rarely refute numbers because it is truly the universal language.  Sure, music is considered one as well, however no two people will interpret music the same way.  Outside of the […]

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Getting Out of My Own Way

My penchants and ability to talk shit is second to very few. I say that with no exaggeration or hyperbole. There is always a witty comeback and these days, it seems like-excuse me, apparent-that affinity and gift of gab is rubbing off on my daughter. I would that in my lifetime, the only person who […]

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