An Introduction to Meme Crush Monday


Like many ideas I have-including to some extent this blog-this started off as something I said to a friend of mine in jest.  I was making a joke about how people often let the world into their lives with one little quote they post on social media.  I proceeded to talk shit and quoted the picture above in a dramatic tone of voice for hilarity’s sake and said “I’m gonna rip into these dumb ass quotes on my blog and call it #MemeCrushMonday!”  I talk so much shit with my friend, Natrina, that I know when she pauses for a moment…I’m onto something.  As a creative, you learn to listen for that silence.  Those are the ideas one must explore a little; because someone thought deeply about what was thrown out there.

Creativity is part narcissism and crippling self-doubt and I live in the latter.  Come to think of it, there’s a good chance that my crippling self-doubt is what fuels my internal narcissism….but I digress.  I sat on the idea for a while because I know that my muse for this would primarily be friends and associates of mine who are simply just sharing.  I ran the idea by to my editor, Kweli, from Madamenoire.  As a veteran in the business, I trust when she thinks something is a good idea.  So fuck it and here we go.

I think it is hilarious when people post quotes on social media.  From the rise and grinders, the iPhone revolutionaries to want us all to stay woke by posting thirty times a day and posts 13-18 contradict the first one, the men giving unsolicited relationship advice to women, and of course, the Instagram honeys hustling tummy teas with the deep quote all while standing with a hip angle to poke their ass out (I love all of you…you make my mornings).  I appreciate you all.

If one pays close attention, what people post says a lot about them.  The content they share with the world demonstrates a behavioral pattern that even they aren’t aware of.  Without realizing it, I look at some of this and think “Your insecurity is showing!”  There’s nothing wrong with this.  Shit, I do it.  And because I’m fair, I’ll say mine: I’m afraid of stepping into a spotlight by myself, so I mostly post pictures of my kid and very seldom will you find a solo pic; and it damn sure won’t be a selfie.  I also am a guarded individual who hides behind layers of sarcasm and will preemptively make myself part of the joke to even the playing field so no one can say I’m unfair.  So if anyone at some point thinks I’m being a jerk, they can be redirected to this paragraph where I threw my insecurities out first.

My absolute favorites are the heartbreak quotes.  We’ve all been in the moment in which we are feeling heavy because someone has wronged us, bursting at the seams, and we need to let something out.  Often, we do this hoping that the one we are hurt about sees this and thinks “I want them to know I’m talking about them,” all while hoping this outlet gets them to think twice about their actions and do better.  Or if it’s the end, it’s that last ditch Hail Mary of saying how we feel.  The truth of the matter is, that person doesn’t give a fuck.  They may see it and feel a way; but they have already acted in a selfish manner, so you can’t help anyone who has done ill to you to see the error in their ways.  It’s damn near impossible to help people grow holding them accountable for their actions.

Very rarely am I laughing at the person in distress (well, there was that one time I was; but it was more or less in disbelief of “Nooooo, not you, too!” than taking joy in their misery…they had to tweet/post through it).  The silver lining in it all is that down the line, we can look at these moments and remember how we felt.  In order to know where one is going, we all need to take a glimpse in the proverbial rear view mirror.  People are less likely to make the same mistakes multiple times being able to look at themselves.

So, now that I’ve thrown this out there, I kind of have to post one of these every Monday.  My intent isn’t to be petty or make fun of anyone; it’s all for entertainment purposes while shedding a light to those little things we all pay attention to and yet it goes over our heads.

To my friends: I’m not making fun of you or what you post.  I’m not even thinking within the context of what you’re going through.  If there’s one you’d like to see me lampoon write about, send them my way.


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