Soccer Dad Chronicles: The Season Three Finale


I forgot to write about this last week.  The last day of soccer was beyond hot.  While I was all but over it, Cydney couldn’t wait to get back to the field.

The final day of soccer is “Player’s Day.”  The coaches aren’t supposed to coach and just let the kids play.  In theory, that sounds wonderful.  However, these kids are in kindergarten; so that sounds beyond stressful.

On Player’s Day, The Orange Monsters were once again taking on the burgundy team.  This meant two things: I have to deal with that coach I’d rather didn’t show up and another umm interesting interaction with Fly Soccer Mom.

Because of how our last interaction ended, I don’t think either one of us wanted to make things awkward.  Nothing negative happened.  Let’s just say that it made things complicated.  I speak “complicated” fluently; it’s a way of life and the only culture I know as an adult.  So the least that I can do is be entertained and have a good laugh out of it.

As always, Fly Soccer Mom said “Good morning” before I saw her.  I turned around and made a joke “I thought you said you’re never late!”  She laughed and blamed it on her friend who was 1) On time this week and 2) Lagging behind.  We joked for all of thirty seconds until her friend caught up.  I said hi and none of us said another word to the other the rest of the game.

The burgundy coach didn’t show up, so I was running the whole game.  One of the parents of the Orange Monsters offered to coach the opposing team and make substitutions for them.  I could feel a pair of eyes on me and another looking; but not completely paying attention.  You know that feeling you get when you just know someone is paying you a lot of attention but you can’t look back?  That was happening.  The block was hot.

One child on the burgundy team kept picking the ball up with his hands.  While trying to somewhat adhere to the rules of just letting the players play, I had to keep talking to the little boy.  On handball no. 4, I warned him that if he did it again the other team would get a penalty kick.  Of course, it happened.  I stopped the game and began to set up an Orange Monster for a free kick.  On the sideline, Fly Soccer Mom says with a smile “Aww, you can’t let him go this one time?”  I smiled back and said “Hey, I gave him a warning.”  Internally I said “Ayo, don’t be flirting with me all out in the open, b.”  Actually, I didn’t’ mind it at all.

The Orange Monsters dominated again.  They only lost one game this season and not one game was close.  Cydney didn’t score any goals.  She got taken out for moving around too slowly.  Her skill set is better than any child in her league and is very competitive.  However, she begins to slow down when things don’t go her way.  We will be working on this over the summer.

After the game ended, I brought my Orange Monsters in and told them I was proud of them this season.  I was happy with the way that they played and developed over the months.  I told them and their parents that I would be moving Cydney up in the fall to play with the first graders, so if anyone wanted me to be their coach in the fall to let me know.  The organization then handed out participation medals to the teams and then squirted the kids with water guns.

And that is the ending of Soccer Dad Chronicles, Season 3.

…When the friend was off in a distance, I said to Fly Soccer Mom “I’ll see you around.”  She replied with a smile and said “Have a good summer…I’ll see you in the fall.”  I saw her friend the other day while visiting her husband in front of my house.  She looked surprised to see me.

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