HBCU’s, Homecoming, and Nostalgia

​ The smartest decision I ever made was attending Morehouse College.  I haven’t been able to make the trip to Atlanta for my alma mater’s homecoming since Obama’s first term in office. I hate not being able to attend; but I absolutely love seeing everyone’s pictures on social media. I don’t have too much of […]

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Everyone Tries To Marry Me Off…

​ I have become that guy…the one that everyone tries to hook up with someone they know. While others could-or would-possibly be annoyed by it, I find it funny. I get it. I’m 30; educated, tall, rumor has it I’m good looking, and seemingly a nice guy. Everyone knows someone who is nice and equally […]

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Wedding Season Weirds Me Out

The Ides of October mean that not only is the weather getting cooler; wedding season is slowly coming to a close. Between the months of April and November, many of us have celebrated a marriage in some capacity. We have traveled, sent gifts, been bridesmaids or groomsmen, officiated, objected, or just clicked like and said […]

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