Reflections on Inauguration Day

Yesterday’s inauguration was a day that will go into history.  No matter what people may think of our president we will not forget the day surrounding him being sworn into office for his second term.  I had many friends (including myself briefly) who traveled from all over the country to attend and revel in the […]

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Podcast of Earnest Womack Show

Hey everyone! While on my extended vacation in Atlanta I had the opportunity to get on my good friend E-Dub’s (as we call him) radio show. We talked about the blog and answered questions about parenting and fatherhood in general. Here is a link to the podcast. It’s the 10/30 one, and I come on […]

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The Fugees

The Adventures of a Single Dad was definitely an appropriate name for this blog. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a typical person but I tend to find myself in atypical situations. Well, more or less they find me. I came down to Atlanta to hang out, see some and reconnect with friends and […]

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The Flight

Today didn’t go so bad. Cydney behaved just as well as a child could on a flight. A little fussing but an average amount that a toddler does.  Our first flight was from New York to Cleveland. It wasn’t until I got on the plane I realized that the TSA never gave me back my […]

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Do it Again pt. 1: Homecoming

With my alma mater’s homecoming around the corner its been that time if year where I get nostalgic. I don’t know what it is, maybe its something about the crisp air that reminds me of leaving New York nine years ago and starting my adult life or it feeling like the beginning of a New […]

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