Basketball…In Memory of Mr. Payne

This was written April 28, 2020. With the recent passing of my former basketball coach, Mr. Payne, I felt compelled to share… I had a rough day. There was a lot on my mind, and it thwarted every attempt I made to work. The words did not flow from my fingertips to Microsoft Word at […]

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Before I caught the music bug, I played basketball for a good part of my childhood.  I played in a couple of leagues and school teams during the school year and tournaments during the summer until I got to high school from second to eighth grade.  Whenever I had a free moment, I wanted to […]

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Tre was my best friend in high school. We met when I moved out to Long Island from Queens during my first week of school playing JV football. Tre got benched during the first game of the season for something that wasn’t his fault; but I just started talking shit to him while he was […]

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