A Birthday Earned

We make big deals of birthdays.  We should.  Tomorrow isn’t promised and the beginning of a new year is a reason to celebrate.  The last three October 7th’s have been something else for my mother.  In 2011, she was just diagnosed with cancer.  In 2012, she had undergone surgery, chemo, radiation, and was celebrating overcoming […]

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Turning Two

Yesterday was a pretty long day. Well, it kinda started like many do. I woke up at six but due to fatigue I took a little while to get out of bed. No matter how tired I was I was pumped because it was my daughter’s birthday and the first one I got to spend […]

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Happy Birthday, Timile

It’s January 4, and today would have been my fiance’s 27th birthday.  Am I sad? Not really.  Do I miss her? Yeah I do, but I’ve accepted and am at peace with that she’s gone.  She was definitely my best friend.  As I have said before, the one part about this that sucks is that […]

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Being Aware of Breast Cancer

This Sunday was my mother’s 29th birthday. As I’d stated before we went to the city (that’s what us locals call Manhattan) to go to this Sisters Circle Convention. They started oft with a church service by the legendary Hezekiah Walker which was great. They had all kinds of vendors and panels as well about […]

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