Confident Parenting

In my college Educational Psychology class, my professor mentioned two things that have stood out to me for the last seven years: 1) Children are geniuses until they’re five years old. ¬†Parents mess it up. 2) A child’s fears are learned behavior they pick up from their parents. I want to expound on these. ¬†It […]

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I had a conversation with my mother yesterday. She told me that my nephew was heartbroken the other day from our first go round of tossing the football around. He signed up for football in August and he’s excited about it. He told my mother that he needs to practice throwing the ball with me […]

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Cydney is a pretty fearless little girl. She runs, and jumps all day everyday. She jumps off of steps, and really some of anything. The first day it was nice out this spring she scraped both of her knees without shedding one tear, jumped right back up, and continued like nothing ever happened. If she […]

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