It’s Time to Sing a New Song…

“Ayo, quick, give me a topic to write about,” I said to Genevieve at her workplace in Queens. Despite a fortnight of experiences to expound on, I had yet to make my way to the proverbial chair and needed a challenge-or prompt-to coax my thoughts into words onto this very page. Genevieve was quite the […]

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Robin Williams and Depression

Peter Pan went back to Neverland. Mork has finally gone back to Ork. Mrs. Doubtfire has returned to England. Genie has been set free. That’s the way I’d like to think of the passing of Robin Williams. The childlike smile that entertained us all for years was quietly battling depression. It’s a disease. We often […]

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How Are You?

Last night I was out in Manhattan celebrating the birthday of a good friend of mine.  In the midst of music playing and drinks flowing I received a text message from a friend I’ve had for about ten years now.  In the last two years we’ve had similar circumstances being single parents and while we […]

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