“You Gotta Change Your Approach”

Last night I had a conversation with my best friend Brandon.  We’ll talk for a good hour or so once a month during his commute home from work.  Having families of our own means that we have priorities and sometimes you need a minute and someone else to be your outlet.  That’s my man 100 […]

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A Good Friend

While we all wait until January 1st to turn over a new leaf I have decided that I would like to get a head start.  If I start on my New Year’s resolutions in December then come January 1, they’ll be close to if not already habits.  One of these habits would be actually opening […]

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How Are You?

Last night I was out in Manhattan celebrating the birthday of a good friend of mine.  In the midst of music playing and drinks flowing I received a text message from a friend I’ve had for about ten years now.  In the last two years we’ve had similar circumstances being single parents and while we […]

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