​Soccer Dad Chronicles: Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2

Previously on Soccer Dad Chronicles: I enrolled Cydney into a soccer club in what would become her new school district in the fall of 2016. Playing with mostly kindergarteners, Cyd played very well when she felt like it, scoring at least one goal a game (and a not-so-great goalie). We collectively named our team the […]

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Usher, wil.i.am., and My Daughter

“Do you know who Usher is?” my daughter asks me while getting out of my jeep after six hours of kindergarten-ing. Cydney then said “I like him.” Always full of surprises, I was curious of trajectory of this conversation. Cydney is really into music. When my child likes a song, she inquires “Who is this […]

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The First Day of Kindergarten

  I attended Kindergarten at Allen Christian School on Merrick Boulevard in the St. Albans area of Queens, NY.  Of my first day, my sister and I walked into the classroom, we met our teacher, her assistant, and a fresh box of Legos were opened for the new students to play with.  In my mind, […]

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Growing Up Means Outgrowing

  I was picking Cydney up from school the other afternoon.  As I walked into her door, I saw that the children were rehearsing a routine to “We Go Together” from Grease.  That was the moment shit got real: I caught all of the fucking feels. The closing of an era will occur in two […]

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