What Do Dreams About Lost Loved Ones Really Mean?

Today is February 23, 2015. Four years ago today was when Timile was officially diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Almost all of the celebration of us becoming parents nine days earlier went out the window as our new family went into crisis and began to go into survival mode. With it being that day I thought […]

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Cydney’s Lament

A little over a week ago I wrote about how Cydney is grieving the loss of her mother. Somehow I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen, but it was inevitable. I hate to use the term “acting out,” so I’ll say that she is expressing a brand new feeling that she doesn’t know how to […]

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Cydney Grieving Her Loss

I know…I haven’t been posting anywhere near as frequently as I’d like to or used to. I’ll work on that. I have plenty of stories to tell. Cydney has been going through some changes over the last month or so. She had been making so much progress since she started daycare. She was finally getting […]

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Nunu’s Goodbye Party

Nunu is what my grandmother called Cydney and that is what Cydney called her.  My grandmother used to say that Cydney reminded her of the cartoon Lil’ Lulu; but Cydney couldn’t pronounce that very well so she’d say Nunu.  Yesterday morning I woke Cydney up and told her that today was going to be a […]

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My Grandmother

Today it finally happened.  My grandmother passed away this morning at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY.  I’ve been pretty sleep deprived the last couple of weeks just dealing with things and trying to overall get things together.  I’ve been disrespecting my alarm clock’s 4 AM ringing and woke up late today: 6:30 AM.  My mother […]

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Grieving (Far Away)

I kept busy yesterday. While working on some writing I had to do, Cydney woke up and I met her at the top of the steps. I met her at the top of the steps. She came out of her room with Blue Bear and her new soccer ball that we’ve been sleeping with since […]

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