A Message From Heaven

Yesterday I made my what seems to be monthly trip to church.  Since I usually get about three hours of sleep a night, Sunday mornings are usually when I try to catch up on rest and take it easy during the afternoon watching football.  It was Men’s Day, and after I heard that Jeremiah Wright […]

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A Birthday Earned

We make big deals of birthdays.  We should.  Tomorrow isn’t promised and the beginning of a new year is a reason to celebrate.  The last three October 7th’s have been something else for my mother.  In 2011, she was just diagnosed with cancer.  In 2012, she had undergone surgery, chemo, radiation, and was celebrating overcoming […]

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Video: Cydney and Her Mom

This is the wallpaper on my music computer. Not only is it a nice picture, but I keep this one up because of when it was taken. It was Memorial Day Weekend, 2010 at Panama City Beach, FL. I wasn’t on the trip, but it was when Timile was pregnant. Not knowing what she was […]

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Thirty Months/Two Years Ago

As of today, Cydney is two and a half. While it’s been a very long twenty-nine months and twenty-two days, swiftly it has flown by. After another night of watching Pitch Perfect and Cydney refusing for me to put her to bed, I’m up doing what I do just about every night: reflecting. Tonight, I […]

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My Mom, Camp Cathy

Summertime is that season we all look forward to. It means great weather, trips, BBQ’s for many and no reason at the same time, and good times to be turned into unforgettable memories. There are many places to travel and visit during this beloved season. But there is no place like New York in the […]

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What Mother?

A few days ago, Cydney woke up and we were going through what was our normal routine.  I looked at her, rubber her on her head and said “You look like your mother right now!”  She responded “What mother?” Man!  My heart dropped for a moment when she said that.  Not in a completely sad […]

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Its been a tough week. Been playing catch up physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally the last few days and usually along with that comes writer’s block. Also, my mornings have been about filling out applications in my effort to once again go corporate so the time I would write I’ve been working or just sitting […]

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An Update On My Mom

Thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, phone calls, and various ways of showing support. My mother is as okay as she can be given the circumstances. I went to go see her the day after her surgery. She was out of it a little (and rightfully so) but was still making little jokes here […]

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