My Fall Rewind: An Ode to Self-Care 38-“The Feel”

Solo with the braids used to get busy…with all the humility in the world, I can assure those who knew Chad Milner throughout the first decade of the aughts would tell you the previous statement is a fact. This is the name I am referred to with affection by those who were well acquainted with […]

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Rounding Out My [Come-To] Jesus Year

Luke 3:23 states “Jesus Himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry.” It is widely regarded by historians, biblical scholars, and us common folk the son of Joseph was crucified and resurrected at the age of thirty three. A little less than three hours from completing my thirty-fourth trip around the sun, […]

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Some Thoughts on November

November is my favorite month. Yes, my birthday is that month; but that just gives me an extra appreciation for it. The prefix nov means that it is actually the ninth month of the year. It’s the beginning of the end. The leaves come off the tree and everything that we know about the current […]

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