Living in A Different World

In one of my frequent phone conversations with my good friend Kofi, I heard a familiar sound in the background. “I know which episode of A Different World that is!” I remarked. I was wrong and Kofi reveled in it with a rib at my expense. “You know what, you’re right. It is the telethon […]

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Coming Full Circle

I don’t usually post on Sundays.  Other than The Weekend In Pictures I don’t think I’ve ever written on a Sunday.  There’s been a lot going on in my life these days and when the time is right I will divulge in great detail with hints of humor along the way.  I do have something […]

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Dear Old Morehouse

On this morning ten years ago I was up after a restless night wondering what the next chapter of my life would be like. I was seventeen years old and at around 11:30 AM I was flying to Atlanta for college. I hated my senior year of high school and was ready to leave Long […]

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SpelHouse Graduation

Social media is something else. When I graduated from high school ten years ago, you were balling if your cell phone had a camera. More than likely you didn’t. Your memories were mostly 4×6 glossy photos in which the best one or two you put in your scanner and you asked your friends who knew […]

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The Morning After

There’s a lot to write about this week. Still have another flight, going from visiting Atlanta to being a Hurricane Sandy refugee, and it being a year since the final chapter of my relationship with my fiance closed. With that said I will start with homecoming. It’s 7:28 AM, and I’m on my cousin’s porch […]

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Do it Again pt. 1: Homecoming

With my alma mater’s homecoming around the corner its been that time if year where I get nostalgic. I don’t know what it is, maybe its something about the crisp air that reminds me of leaving New York nine years ago and starting my adult life or it feeling like the beginning of a New […]

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