The Tale of Two Tapes Turning Twenty-Five

Pretty good alliteration, ain’t it? Hip hop historians, scholars, and followers of the culture often cite 1988 as the genre’s greatest year in music. There was a seismic shift in which almost any and everything that came before it, was history. Run DMC may have been and still seen some success with Tougher than Leather; […]

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A Thousand Words of Gratitude

April 4th marked seven years since I regained custody of my daughter. In spite of not seeing her father for five months, the little thirteen month old baby took a brief look at the man holding her and intuitively felt a sense of connection. Once it clicked, it didn’t matter her grandparents she’d spent the […]

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How Much Is “Too Much Information?”

I walked into an interesting conversation yesterday. While filling in my daughter’s paperwork for spring soccer, I listened to a couple other parents’ conversation at that same table. Said parents were conversing about Momo, the video on YouTube telling children to commit suicide. One of them asked me if I’d heard about and whether or […]

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