Unpacking Peace of Mind: November 1, 2011

October 31, 2021 To read the original post from 2012, click here. Ten years ago, I left my friend Chase’s apartment in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. As he left for work, I began the final leg of my drive from Buffalo to my new home, Newport News, Virginia. I could have made the 10-hour trek in […]

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The Last Court Date

I filed for an amendment to the visitation agreement Timile’s parents and I had in place since May 2012.  I thought it was bogus.  It wasn’t necessary.  I left it alone until they reached out to me about visiting Cydney on grounds that I thought were ridiculous.   I remembered my lawyer telling me if […]

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The Last Chapter: Back to Court Pt. 2

With Timile’s mother not asking but telling me that they’re taking Cydney to visit from December 26th-January 5th per our visitation agreement in Virginia, I filed in New York a motion to amend the visitation agreement that was in place by the State of Virginia.  I strategically waited until Cydney’s grandparents decided to make a […]

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Other than Sofia the First, Cydney’s favorite Disney Princess is Pocohantas.  It’s her favorite princess toy to play with.  Because we watch a Sing-A-Long DVD daily, she has to play with Pocohantas in water while singing Just Around the River Bend. Everything is Pocohantas. Saturday afternoon, we were watching Disney Jr and a commercial came […]

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5/21/12: The Final Court Date

May 21 had been marked off on my mental calendar for almost three months. I always knew I was getting my daughter back so I was never worried about that. After all that I’d been through since between the pregnancy, cancer, and moving around; this chapter could finally close and Timile could rest in peace. […]

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