The Power of Words

I’ve always had the ability to articulate what I am thinking; I’ve just never been one to share such thoughts. As a shy kid growing up  I kept most things to myself.  I’d have a journal and it would be full of blank pages because I didn’t even want to write down my innermost questions, […]

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Giving You the Best That I Got

Something I’ve never told anyone: other than Whitley Gilbert, my first crush was Anita Baker.  No rhyme or reason, I just remember watching her videos intently when they came on Hot Tracks in the late eighties.  I feel much better getting that off of my chest after twenty-five years. The last three or five times […]

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What Turning Twenty-Eight Means

Since I got out of court last Tuesday, I have just about been celebrating my birthday.  Getting my visitation agreement amended was the best way to set off beginning a new year. I enjoyed the last six days.  I got what I really needed: some me time.  Me time to do what I wanted.  On […]

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Cydney Quotables Once Again

“I want to see the wind!” Me: Patty Cake Patty Cake. Baker man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it. Mark it with a b. One for baby and one for… Cydney: Free! “Stop talking to me!” “I want to be a single princess!” *Holds up candy dispenser* “This is my […]

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The Last Chapter: Back to Court Pt. 2

With Timile’s mother not asking but telling me that they’re taking Cydney to visit from December 26th-January 5th per our visitation agreement in Virginia, I filed in New York a motion to amend the visitation agreement that was in place by the State of Virginia.  I strategically waited until Cydney’s grandparents decided to make a […]

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Cydney’s Favorite Songs

My parents aren’t your average parents.  They’re both pretty artsy people (my mother teaches art and my father is a musician), don’t look or act like they’re in their mid-fifties, have are blonde, and have tattoos.  They’re pretty cool people.  My sister and I grew up listening to r&b and popular music-as if they thought […]

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It’s In Your Eyes

I was talking to a friend of mine via text message Saturday night Sunday morning around 2 AM.  They were telling me that they had a pretty long week that required lots of work and little sleep and that they were annoyed by their personal and professional circumstances.  They said they were about to head out and […]

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So Amibtious

    I’ve never believed in the mantra “Make your haters your motivators.”  However, when one does find success it is only natural to think about all of those who may have made negative comments that could deter others from one’s vision.  The second to last song on Jay Z’s mixed-reviewed Blueprint 3 is one of […]

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