Heaven Is On The Moon

Everyone thinks their child is brilliant. My daughter really is. She has an extensive vocabulary and her ability to reason often astounds me. I was braiding Cydney’s hair last night. She kept looking around at things in the room and asking what was hers and what belonged to me. As I finished she pointed to […]

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Honest Thoughts About My Past

I pride myself in being an honest person. If I’m asked a question I will answer objectively. I call shots the way I see them and the process in how I come to conclusions means I’m usually right. Most people appreciate what I write because of this. I’m going to be real: I don’t miss […]

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Robin Williams and Depression

Peter Pan went back to Neverland. Mork has finally gone back to Ork. Mrs. Doubtfire has returned to England. Genie has been set free. That’s the way I’d like to think of the passing of Robin Williams. The childlike smile that entertained us all for years was quietly battling depression. It’s a disease. We often […]

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The Adjustment Process

My second week at my new job is coming to an end. My body is already used to twenty hour days with four hours of rest; however there’s an adjustment period anytime there’s a drastic change to one’s lifestyle. The biggest adjustment in my life is Cydney. I wake up around 5:30 am, pretend I’m […]

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Book Excerpt: Poetic Justice

To commemorate reaching the 40,000 views mark: Here’s one of the short stories from the book I’m working on… Poetic Justice: Cydney My Wingman “Nigga don’t approach her with that Atari, nigga, that ain’t good game, homie, sorry/ They say conversation rule a nation, I can tell/ But I could never right my wrongs ‘less […]

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