A Bronx Tale

I have found a lot of my inspiration to write in The Bronx. The Bronx has always been a crowded-yet-desolate no man’s land.  It’s congested, littered with potholes, loud, and can be pretty dangerous.  More than any other borough, Bronx County was not a place you visited unless you knew someone who could vouch for […]

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Christmas(es) In Hollis

Growing up, Run DMC’s yuletide classic is the only Christmas I knew.  Until I was thirteen years old, I lived a ten minute walk away from Hollis Avenue and so did both my maternal and paternal grandparents.  My parents, sister, and I moved twenty minutes away to Nassau County; but every December 25th we still […]

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Tweet Through It: A Parent’s Experience Through Their Child’s Preschool Christmas Show

While sitting through my nephew’s elementary school Christmas show I decided to be #TwitterFingers and give a play-by-play commentary of the events as they happened. I had to entertain myself through this situation because most of the show was a waiting game until my guy was onstage. Three days later, I had to do it […]

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“Seventh, Lenox, and what about the East Side? Harlem…” Jim Jones For the sake of not writing forever, I said that I wouldn’t put anything in the book that happened after my thirtieth birthday.  But, I had been planning on writing this particular essay for the last three months, so I guess this doesn’t count. […]

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A Letter To Timile

It’s been about a year since the last time I last spoke to you.  If I’m correct, last December 9th was the first time I have actually had a conversation with you since November 2011.  As you are very well aware of, articulating matters of the heart is not my forte.  The best way to […]

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A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a girl that I was dating.  The writing had been on the wall almost from the beginning that it wasn’t going-nor was it supposed-to work out.  Nonetheless, there was still a mutual interest; but a wall up.  The unwritten rule was that we weren’t going to […]

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Paying Forward Reciprocity

  I’m finally taking the time to write.  There have been months of ideas, anecdotes, thoughts, and tales to tell that took time to type thoroughly, that truly didn’t exist. We often take the little things for granted.  However, the most minute gestures showing some semblance of care are the ones that mean the most to […]

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