I had a conversation with my mother yesterday. She told me that my nephew was heartbroken the other day from our first go round of tossing the football around. He signed up for football in August and he’s excited about it. He told my mother that he needs to practice throwing the ball with me […]

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Little League

When I was growing up, you couldn’t tell me that my baseball teams and I weren’t doing something major on the diamond. We were out there hustling, fielding ground balls, and knocking that ball out the park like the Yankees. It was fun and all, but it was serious business while our parents cheered us […]

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I’ve always loved this song.  It makes me think of being about seven when it came out and when 98.7 Kiss FM was the rap radio station in New York.  When I was in my high school band, I played this every morning as part of my warm-up on my sax. Tuesdays are music days, […]

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Ice Cube’s Double Consciousness

The term “double consciousness” was coined by W.E.B. DuBois to describe the internal challenge with one’s identity that blacks have to reconcile to fit into a society. Usually, this being raised in African American culture in a European/Western education and corporate setting where one usually conflicts with the other.  However, I am using it as […]

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Father’s Day

The last week has been pretty hectic.  Between writing and participating in a few projects for Father’s Day, continuing my efforts in looking for a new career, some novel writing, and of course Cydney; I have been going to sleep at 5AM and waking up at 8AM every day.  I didn’t even get around to […]

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