Back To Buffalo

Tomorrow Cydney and I are heading back to Buffalo for the first time since October 2011. I’m taking Cydney on the birthday tour since she’s got people some of everywhere who would like to see her. I’m looking forward to it and I know the family is as well. I kinda hated Buffalo at first. […]

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Let The Terrible Twos Begin!

Cydney is turning two in a couple of weeks. I must admit I’m quite excited about that. While this means she’s getting older and the baby days are becoming numbered, I welcome this next stage. The next stage coming around the bend is none other than the Terrible Twos. I don’t have any younger siblings […]

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Reflections on Inauguration Day

Yesterday’s inauguration was a day that will go into history.  No matter what people may think of our president we will not forget the day surrounding him being sworn into office for his second term.  I had many friends (including myself briefly) who traveled from all over the country to attend and revel in the […]

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Cydney Dances to 112’s Dance With Me (Chocolate Wasted Pt. 1)

Cydney and I have our songs that we sing and dance to all the time (, George Duke “Someday,”  Jeffrey Osbourne “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song), Lost Boyz “Music Makes Me High,” and a few others.  While in the midst of a pretty intense sugar high fueled by Nutella I turned on the camera and […]

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