Not Here For The Easter Bunny

Today was a very long day. I went to bed around 12:30. At about 1 AM, Cydney woke up crying a little bit and went back to sleep. 1:30 she woke up screaming. She continued to do so for a good hour and some change before I had enough. I took her for a little […]

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Taking and Recognition

When I went out of town this weekend, my sister and my godmother watched Cydney. I had very long day Sunday so my godmother stayed until yesterday. Seeing that I was visibly tired, she sat me down to see what’s going on with me. I told her last night was a sleepless night. She asked […]

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The First Few Days In Buffalo

After our trying out Memorial Sloan-Kettering for Timile’s treatments, we decided to make the move to Buffalo. Timile preferred to be around her family so we did it. I dropped everything I was doing and made the move. I was in the middle of producing an album for a band and just had to say […]

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My Twin

My sister and I are two minutes apart in age. Yes, I’m the younger of the two of us and between 3:32 and 3:34 on November 22 she makes sure to remind me. There’s a saying about twins that you’re either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. We’re moreso the former although […]

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The Decision

After all that had gone on in the last couple of weeks after Cydney was born, we were still figuring out our options on whether or not we were going to stay in New York or move to Buffalo for TImile to do her treatments in one of the two places. ┬áVirginia was out of […]

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