Funny Stories of A Bad Ass Kid In Church

In my next life I’d like to be a stand up comedian.  Not just because I think I’m funny with how I tell stories, but because I am observant and humor is how I deal with things.  I like to take my pain and laugh about it–usually with me being the target of my own […]

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Nunu’s Goodbye Party

Nunu is what my grandmother called Cydney and that is what Cydney called her.  My grandmother used to say that Cydney reminded her of the cartoon Lil’ Lulu; but Cydney couldn’t pronounce that very well so she’d say Nunu.  Yesterday morning I woke Cydney up and told her that today was going to be a […]

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Why I Tell My Story

Here I am once again writing on a Sunday.  I hardly posted anything on the site this week because I’ve been busy with a myriad of different things.  I was also inspired to write something so in the words of Calhoun Tubbs: Like to hear it? Here it go! So last night while scouring social […]

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My Grandmother

Today it finally happened.  My grandmother passed away this morning at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY.  I’ve been pretty sleep deprived the last couple of weeks just dealing with things and trying to overall get things together.  I’ve been disrespecting my alarm clock’s 4 AM ringing and woke up late today: 6:30 AM.  My mother […]

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year.  Why?  It’s my daughter’s birthday!  What a great way to celebrate love than being given the best gift of all?  My own personal kid. I look back at the last three years and realize that I am very blessed.  God saw fit that my daughter whose […]

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My First Love

To keep up with the theme of the week I have one more story to tell… Ugh to this one. I was fourteen.  I remember seeing this girl before around school.  I thought she was cute but the opportunity to actually converse never came up.  We met outside of school like maybe the first week […]

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Coming Full Circle

I don’t usually post on Sundays.  Other than The Weekend In Pictures I don’t think I’ve ever written on a Sunday.  There’s been a lot going on in my life these days and when the time is right I will divulge in great detail with hints of humor along the way.  I do have something […]

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