Soccer Dad Chronicles: The Season Three Finale

  I forgot to write about this last week.  The last day of soccer was beyond hot.  While I was all but over it, Cydney couldn’t wait to get back to the field. The final day of soccer is “Player’s Day.”  The coaches aren’t supposed to coach and just let the kids play.  In theory, […]

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Father’s Day Hangover

  Father’s Day is like a second birthday that you share with a lot of people.  You get phone calls, texts, emails, messages on social media, etc from some of everyone who are acknowledging what you feel is your greatest accomplishment  Men feel validated by their work and there are very few things that lift […]

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Growing Up Means Outgrowing

  I was picking Cydney up from school the other afternoon.  As I walked into her door, I saw that the children were rehearsing a routine to “We Go Together” from Grease.  That was the moment shit got real: I caught all of the fucking feels. The closing of an era will occur in two […]

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