Sandy Dodging: DC Edition

I left Atlanta Thursday morning. We had an 11:30 flight. Being that I was trying to get the best deal I could at the last minute I booked my flight through Priceline. William Shatner did a decent job but he negotiated layovers in Cleveland on the way and Washington Dulles on the way back. I didn’t really want to go home just yet plus none of my closest friends made it to homecoming. What was I gonna do just sit in one of few houses out here that had power with no reception or anything? Umm no.

So when I landed in DC I called an audible. I went to the gate agent and said “Hey, I know there are others trying to get back to LaGuardia Airport since it just opened up today. I’m willing to take a flight tomorrow.” They told me that the flight wasn’t overbooked. I had to think on my toes. So, with a flirtatious grin I told the young lady “Look, I can’t get in touch with anyone at home because of the hurricane and with my little girl I don’t want to have her just out there like that and not sure of whether or not she will be in a house with no power.”

She directed me to customer service. I sweet talked them and told them my situation again. I had Cydney in my arms and they loved her. They gave her candy, pretzels, a can of soda, and us a flight for Friday morning. Great! Just enough to hang out but I wasn’t finished.

That evening after I got into the city, I called my airline. I told them that I’d got in touch with people, they didn’t have power and went to Pennsylvania for the weekend. So, I got a flight out Sunday afternoon.

And THAT is how I turned a one our connecting flight into a three day weekend.

I hung out in DC and saw both of my college roommates, one of my other closest friends, celebrated one of my friends and fellow Atlanta refugee from last week who passed the bar. I also went out a couple of times with some others and took Cydney to happy hour and brunch. All in all, it was a success. I made my situation work for me and made the adventure continue.

As we finally got back to New York and were leaving the airport, in my arms Cydney started a chant of “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” That right there made the adventure all worthwhile because she had a great ten days.

It was full circle as well since November 1, I was in Virginia being stressed out trying to take care of my family and our future. This November 1, I was right back in Virginia and DC doing the same thing planning Cydney and my next couple of moves for us in our future. I must say, its looking pretty bright.

I learned a lot about myself and what I can make happen. I’ve always been “Mr. Opportunity but I’ve just taken it to another level now.

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