Spoiler Alert: Santa Claus Lives In Atlanta

In honor of Santa Claus beginning to make his rounds sometime today I wanted to share that I DO believe that he is real! How do I know? Here’s two quick stories. Santa Claus does not live in the North Pole. He lives in Atlanta.

Proof? Well, my first job out of college was working at Walgreens. It was right as the recession was beginning to set in and this was the first thing I could get my hands on: running the photo department. Around mid-July while at work one afternoon I saw a tall white man around 6’2, 300+ lbs. He had on a red shirt, blue jeans, red suspenders, and he had a long white beard. He was also looking up and down the toy aisle.

About six or seven months later, Timile had to go to traffic court. I waited for her outside. She told me that while waiting in court there was a case ahead of hers against a 6’2″ man, 300+ lbs, white hair with a beard, and wearing red. When the judge looked at the licence of the defendant his name was Santa Claus. Ha! He was in there for some kind of misconduct.

Well, Merry Christmas, all! Just thought I’d send a little fun your way. By the way this is ALL true. Enjoy!

One thought on “Spoiler Alert: Santa Claus Lives In Atlanta

  1. Misconduct. Hmmm.

    Here’s the funny thing my kids discovered very EARLY in life (like 3 and 4 years old). The Santas at the stores all looked differently, they were not the same person! (because they see Caucasian Santas, Mexican Santas, Black Santas, Asian Santas)

    I had to think very quickly on my feet- “They are all Santa’s helpers. The Real santa is somewhere, and we never know where. You could be talking to the real Santa, or one of his helpers. The helpers report back to Santa all the items kids want…and they report naughtiness, as well.” That seemed to satisfy them, so we never bother with photos with Santa. They figure it’s just a helper. No need to sit on a stranger’s lap. No need to wait in that incredibly long line. 🙂

    I just have to remind them “not all kids know about Santa’s helpers. they might think it’s the real santa, so it’s our secret. don’t spoil it for them.” They are now 7 & 9 and think they are in on the big secret.


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