One Year Ago

A little over a year ago I came up with the idea of starting a blog about Cydney and myself.   Ever since Timile had Cydney and was diagnosed with cancer there have been many people who have been touched by our story and circumstances.  Family, friends, acquaintances, doctors, nurses, and co-workers as well have given encouraging words and said prayers.  Since we lived in a few cities and the aforementioned people are located some of everywhere I thought that blogging Cydney and my day-to-day adventures would be a great way to keep everyone abreast on how we have been doing since Timile passed away.  I didn’t quite have the words at first, so I sat on the idea until it felt right to begin.  I waited until Cydney was eighteen months and that’s when I began doing research, formulating ideas, and creating a logo.  A year ago today is when I wrote my first post. 

At first, I wrote about things that all parents went through such as feelings about daycare, how expensive baby formula is, and some of the other things that almost everyone who is a parent could relate to.  I only mentioned parts of my story in the “About Me” section and maybe referred to it in a couple of posts, but that was it.  I think the first time I wrote an in depth piece on Cydney and I was in early October when it had become six months since Cydney and I were reunited.  A few weeks later I went to Timile and my colleges’ homecoming and not only did I see that there were people who gave encouraging words about the blog, but a couple of people who recognized Cydney before me.  That was when I began to open up and share some of my thoughts, personal experiences, and tell parts of Timile and my story.

You never know how much what you do can or will affect others.  I would have never guessed that in 267 posts would lead to over 25,000 views in 60 countries and 6 continents, and 400+ followers, as well as other casual readers.  What was just an extended love letter showing gratitude to those who have been there for my family has opened up a few doors: guest writing/blogging for other websites and publications, articles written about Cydney and I, radio interviews, speaking engagements, and hopefully a published book of my own (PR people, publicists, and literary agents: let’s talk!) sooner than later.  I say this to demonstrate that we have no idea what our purpose is.  For all I know, Timile’s time on earth and giving me Cydney could be to help someone somewhere I’ve never met.  I appreciate all of the support, comments, continued prayers, and well wishes.  You all inspire me.



Chad Milner

PS: For the next week I will be reposting some of my favorite stories, videos and such… For those who haven’t read them or would like to enjoy them again.

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