Four Turning Thirty: My Daughter’s Big Plans For Her Birthday


Happy New Year!

It’s been a while and there is plenty to catch up on and I will make sure to do so for real.

Cydney is turning four on Saturday. Ever since January 2nd this has been virtually all that she’s concerned about. Every commercial that comes on Disney Jr is followed up with “Can I have that for my birthday?” She’s not being annoying about it; she’s just excited because she knows it’s Cydney season (Well, every day is but it really is come February).

Cydney is focused on becoming a big girl. She’s potty trained; but we’re still working on the overnight bathroom scenario. She says that when she turns four she’s not doing that anymore. She’s also getting herself dressed, picking out her own clothes, and bathing herself as of Saturday. Typical toddler things that she’s saying because it’s pretty normal to want independence at the tail and of three.

Cydney is definitely an old soul. For the last three weeks she made it clear that four years old is her coming off age. She’s going to be an adult. I have been informed that she will be growing hair on her legs because big girls have that. While getting her ready for her bath she told me “When I turn four I’m growing scabs” while pointing at her chest. She was dead serious. Apparently four means becoming a woman.

I find humor in the things that Cydney says because she isn’t joking. There is no comedic undertone in the statements that she makes. Because I think she’s been here before, I’m thinking these moments are the older spirit seeping out. She speaks her mind and is clearly observing things that she sees and is articulating what she seems to have thought out thoroughly.

In three days my daughter will be turning thirty. How do I know this? She told me.

3 thoughts on “Four Turning Thirty: My Daughter’s Big Plans For Her Birthday

  1. She is adorable! Sounds like mine at that age. While I appreciate the sarcasm and “I know it all attitude” (mine’s seven) You will quickly realize you arguing with yourself. It’s beautiful though 🙂


  2. Love this post and your blog! I’ve been following you for years. I feel like I knoe Cydney (she’s grown)! Keep the faith, brother. You are an amazing father.


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