…Where It’s Greater (A Funny Story)

So, with all of the encouragement I’ve received over the last few months I started writing the manuscript for what will be my story to be published as a novel.  Doing so has meant thinking back to many stories that i have of Timile and me.  I’m not sure if this will make it into the book, so I figured I’d share just in case.  While listening to some music the other day, a song came on by a certain fairly known R&B singer.  I’ve told this story to many of my friends and associates.  However, since this is a public page I will leave names out.  I’ll just say he’s a singer from Atlanta (______, where its greater) who had a couple of hits.  I actually like some of his music.  I was a supporter when his first album came out about nine years ago and thought he had a lot of potential.  However, there were three random encounters with him where I almost punched him in the face.

The first time was the winter of 2007.  My best friend Brandon had four tickets to a Ne-yo concert that he couldn’t attend and gave them to me.  Of course, I took Timile and invited my friend O and his girlfriend who had become good friends with Timile. The concert was good.  Everyone had a good time.  When the concert was over and we were leaving it was a large crowd trying to exit the venue.  By the stairs, O’s girlfriend pointed out that she saw said R&B singer.  He was looking a little too hard at Timile.  I was used to that because Timile was a beautiful girl that would catch the attention of a lot of people (I have a few other mentions of celebrities that she’s told me about such as a famed director who was also a graduate of my alma mater, a Real Househusband of Hollywood, and a former NFL player who owns a Wet Willies in Buckhead).  This guy was looking a little too long, though.  As we were exiting, O said that I looked like I was going to steal on him (that means punch him in the face).  The thought crossed my mind.

A few months later, my roommate Devin, a couple of his friends from out of town, Timile, and myself were at Six Flags.  I bought a Batman cape and Timile was wearing it.  Devin and his friends went to wait on line for the next ride and I had to use the bathroom.  Timile came with me and waited by the door.  When I left the restroom, all I saw was a crowd of people following some short singer who was walking away as I returned to Timile.  She told me two of the singer’s friends had approached her, said something about her Batman cape and were making a reference to their friend who was looking away in a distance.  A part of me felt a certain way and was once again ready to haul off on him.  However, I just laughed because we found it hilarious that we had another encounter with this same guy.

March of 2008.  I was working at Walgreens as soon as I got out of college.  My shift ended at 11 and I told Timile that I wanted to take her to the movies.  Nothing was playing that was necessarily great and we opted to see What Happens in Vegas since the next showing was at 11:25.  I was at the ticket booth paying for our tickets, so my back was turned.  As I turned around, I saw this same guy stop in mid-stride with a deer in headlights look in his face.  He looked like he was stopping his pursuit of this same person.  I just gave him a look and we went inside the theater   He was there with a group of his friends who were all about his age.  He seemed to have been doing a lot.  Like he was trying to showboat and make himself known.  They just happened to be going to see the same movie.  We all got popcorn or something.  Timile and I walked into the theater and had a seat not knowing that this guy and his group of friends were right behind us.  We were sitting in the middle and could see everyone that came inside.  He walked up and down twice and did this pretty goofy spin up the stairs that once again looked like he was trying to get attention.  Once again, the thought crossed my mind and Timile and I laughed that we ran into this same guy again doing the same thing.

Like I said, I have nothing against this guy.  I like a few of his songs.  In fact, there is one song of his that makes me think about Timile every time I hear it and I don’t think of punching him in the face.  It was one of the last major singles he had about two years ago.  I never paid it too much attention until I flew back to Atlanta in 2011 for my friend Brandon’s wedding.  It had played a few times on the radio and maybe being that I was there for a joyous occasion celebrating the beginning of my friend’s happily ever after it stuck in my head.  It made me think about the person I loved who made me feel the way that the song described and sad at the same time that I could not marry her.  As I was landing back in Buffalo, all I could hear was this song playing in my head as I couldn’t wait to get back to my girl and my little girl who both had my heart.

Its funny how that worked out.  The same guy who I had a few run ins with over a girl is the only person who has a song that makes me think about Timile every time I hear it and actually feel some kind of emotion while doing so.  I am living proof that God has a sense of humor.

There’s no overall theme to this story pertaining to life or anything.  Maybe just that spending time with someone you love is always worthwhile and can yield some interesting stories.  I hope you all enjoyed.

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